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(Reg. Period: 20 May 2016 - 19 May 2020)

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (Supervision)


With the increase of pressure for access to services, and concerns about increasing workloads, supervision offers a way to ensure clients receive services that are ethically aligned and of good quality, and a way to ensure that practitioners remain engaged and do not burn out. While there are many benefits from supervision, there are also many myths and assumptions about supervision. This course is designed to bring a fresh perspective to how supervision can provide a creative, inspiring and invigorating space, while also acting as a platform for on-going practitioner development.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will:

  • Be aware of the similarities and differences between supervision, mentoring, training and collegial support

  • Have been introduced to, and have practised-based experience of supervision methods that they can apply in to their own and others' work with clients, a variety of workplace environments

  • Have explored how to havve constructive supervisory conversations using principles and practices from SFBT, even if the piece of client work under discussion was not conducted using SFBT

  • Have a keen sense of how to monitor their own and other's work with clients in ways that ensure alignment with ethics and good standards of practice

Course Content

  • What is supervision and what is not; the purposes of and benefits from supervision for clients, for practitioners; for agencies/organisations

  • Methods for self-supervision - reflective practice; micro-analysis of video/audio tapes and transcripts

  • Methods for peer supervision - reflection circles - questions and feedback disciplines that keep the practitioner as the expert in the process of designing and monitoring their work

  • Methods for structured group supervision - setting up a group, conducting a group, evaluating a group

  • Methods for supervision when time is limited - the 8 minutes check-in conversation; the 3 minutes follow-up on progress conversation; the 20 minutes emergency support conversation

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for practitioners in the social service field who are working with individuals, families, groups and/or communities. It will be relevant to those working with children, youth and/or adults. It is appropriate for social workers, welfare workers, counsellors, therapists, psychologists, teachers and anyone else who are interested in helping people.


Participants who meet 80% class attendance will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment by the Academy of Human Development.

Course Fees

Fees S$
Nett Course Fee payable by Participant: $750


Dr Svea Van Der Hoorn is a psychologist. She is the Associate Editor for “Solution News” in the journal of the United Kingdom Association for Solution-Focused Practice (UKASFP). She has been engaged as a consultant, trainer, coach and supervisor delivering services using the Solution-Focused Brief Approach (SFBA) that she has developed to participants from the education, welfare, health, NGO, community-based, and corporate sectors. She is an experienced clinical supervisor for individuals and groups.

Application and Enquiries

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Course Schedule

Duration 14 Hours
Dates To be Advised
Trainer(s) Svea Van Der Hoorn
Venue(s) 43 Middle Road, #03-00 Boon Sing Building