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Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst (Advanced DISC Certification)


Regardless of your individual focus or market, as a professional Certified Behavioural Consultant (CBC), you would constantly be called upon to draw conclusions, formulate solutions and develop action plans for your clients based on the results of the DISC profile.

Besides that, you may find yourself wanting to value-add even more for your clients who work in a complex work environment. You want to be able to help them find solutions suited for them and by them.

In collaboration with Lifeskills Resources Pte. Ltd., we would like to introduce an impactful, time-tested program that will take your people development skills to the advanced level using the PeopleKeys® System. This advanced training will also unleash the power of advanced DISC graph reading, PowerDISC™, TEAMS profiling, Values Profiling and DISC, TEAMS and Values (DTV) Radar graph plotting and interpretations, and the OccupationalKeys™ System for better recruitment decisions. Participants may also benefit from the job specific performance benchmarks that the PeopleKeys® system has created with over 30 years of job profile history or create your own customised benchmark based on your client’s needs. 

Other DISC Certifications available:

  • Certified Behavioural Consultant (Basic DISC)

  • Certified Stress Management Consultant

Course Objectives

This course will help participants:

  • Have a deeper understanding of PowerDISC™, and how it is used for leadership development

  • Understand TEAMS and Values profile and how they are integrated into DISC profile for recruitment, team building, talent management and coaching

  • Understand the OccupationalKeys™ System for hiring and the setting of benchmarking system for recruitment and talent management

  • Understand the Radar graph for DISC, DTV reports and the applications through real case studies on individual, pair and team intervention 

  • Understand the validated and reliable assessments which identify the key factors that predict a person’s job performance and determine future success with DTV reports and Radar graphs 

  • Learn how an expanded understanding of PeopleKeys® System can add value to business system through an overview of the consulting process

Course Content

Session 1: Introduction to PeopleKeys®

  • Understanding and application of PeopleKeys® at the workplace

Session 2: Introduction to TEAMS Style

  • TEAMS Style – Accurate Measurement of your Internal, Natural Role You Naturally Prefer to Play in a Team

  • What is a TEAM Role and Identifying What your Most Effective Role Will Be

  • Characteristics of T.E.A.M.S. – Theorist, Executor, Analyser, Manager & Strategist

  • How You Can Easily and Quickly Determine Proper Team Placement

Session 3: Introduction to Values Style (DTV)

  • Integrating DISC to TEAMS and Value Style - Accurate Measurement of your Invisible Motivators and your Perception of your Preferred Environment

  • Characteristics of L.E.P.J. – Loyalty, Equality, Personal Freedom, Justice

  • Understand how your Internal Value System Impacts the basis of your thoughts, decisions, opinions & actions

Session 4: Understanding and Using PowerDISC™

  • The PowerDISC™ Elements of Leadership

  • Identifying the 7 critical elements of leadership and the intensity of each in relation to your DISC profile

  • Combined PowerDISC™

  • Case study

  • Analysis of graph for individual and group

Session 5: Applied Concepts In Consulting with PeopleKeys® tools and reports

  • Overview of the consulting process and practices at varied work environments

  • Making Consulting Alive

Session 6: PeopleKeys® Application

  • Making meaning out of the available data and graphs from the DTV & OccupationalKeys™ report

  • Hiring & Recruitment
    - OccupationalKeys – Creating Performance Benchmark for Hiring & Recruitment
    - The key applications and functions of OccupationalKeys™ 

  • Coaching & Talent Management
    - Introduction to Radar Graph & the 8 DISC Behavioural Preferences
    - Case Study with Radar Graphs – Individual analysis (coaching)
    - Case Study with Radar Graphs – Pair analysis (conflict management)

  • Team Management
    - Case Study with Radar Graphs – Team Analysis (Team synergy/Gap analysis)

Session 7: Post-Certification Assignment

Participants will be required to work on a real case using the PeopleKeys® online system to provide consultation and submit an assignment report of the case.

Entry Requirement

Participants must have already:

  • Been DISC-certified and have acquired the basic skills of graphs interpretation (i.e., completed the Certified Behavioural Consultant certification)

  • Completed the on-line administration of the PeopleKeys DTV Report (PAIR. TEAMS & Values)

Who Should Attend

Corporate Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Business Consultants, Trainers, Coaches, Professionals in Human Resource, Education, Social Service, Hospitality & Tourism, Sales & Marketing and other people-oriented industries.


To be accredited as Certified Advanced Behavioural Analysts by the Institute of Motivational Living, Inc. USA, in collaboration with Lifeskills Resources Pte Ltd, participants are required to:

  • Attend two full days of training conducted by our Master Accreditation Trainer

  • Engage fully in all the training and learning activities planned

  • Provide consultation and submit an assignment report on a real case using the PeopleKeys® online system

Course Fees

Fees S$
Nett Course Fee payable by Participant: To be advised
After 10% Early Bird Discount: To be advised (Registration and Payment must be made one month before course commencement)


Ian Tan is the Chief Enabling Officer of Lifeskills Resources Pte Ltd., a dynamic educational and training consultancy firm that specializes in unlocking people potential and developing human capital solutions. Since it was established in 1996, more than 250,000 people have benefited through the certification, training and coaching services in the five core curriculum that covers leadership, life skills, learning, living values and life charting.

He is a Master Accreditor of the DISC Personality SystemTM and PeopleKeysTM System, and Master Behavioural Consultant for The Institute of Motivational Living, Inc. (USA) in Singapore and Asia. He has accredited over 300 Certified Behavioural Consultants from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Australia in the use of personality, learning and motivational profiling tools.

His special interests in research, training and consultancy are in the fields of human potential, leadership, psychology, learning and personal effectiveness. He is able to connect with audience at different levels from youths to adults. Ian’s passion to develop potential in others has seen him delivered workshops and seminars for clients that include educators, senior managers, counsellors, trainers, civil servants and youths of local and regional organizations.

Ian has facilitated programmes for organizations from both public and private sectors including Baiduri Bank Berhad (Brunei), Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Fei Yue Community Services, TOUCH Community Services, Hewlett Packard, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), Nanyang Technological University, Institute for Technical Education, Ministry of Education (Singapore), NTUC Club, Singapore Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, Ministry of Defence (Singapore), National Healthcare Group, National University Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Outward Bound School, PSB Corporation, SingTel, Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Surbana Corporation, Swarovski Management Pte Ltd, Thomson Reuters, and Singapore Zoological Gardens.

Ian holds a degree in Social Science & Applied Psychology and a Master of Guidance & Counselling. He also holds a Professional Diploma in Training & Development from Singapore Training & Development Association (STADA). He is a Certified Harrison Assessments Profiler and Certified Habitudes Facilitator. Ian is also an accredited facilitator for leadership workshops using the two powerful leadership tools, the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) of the Leadership Challenge model and the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) of the Full Range Leadership Model.

A sincere and warm presenter, Ian believes implicitly in what he does and this is witnessed by the enthusiasm with which he approaches each workshop. His warm and authentic manner is communicated through his use of humour, stories, object lessons, illusions and examples which bring his ideas to life. As a result, the learning experience becomes fun and enjoyable.

Application and Enquiries

Dave Goh

6593 5284

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Course Schedule

Duration 8.5 Hours
Dates 01 & 02 Feb 2018
Timing 9.00am - 6.30pm
Trainer(s) Ian Tan
Venue(s) To Be Advised