Academy of Human Development

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UEN No/CPE Reg No/ GST Reg No: 199900986N
(Reg. Period: 19 May 2020 to 20 May 2024)


How established are AHD’s courses?

AHD has been established since 1998 and conducting courses since 2000. With our years of counselling experiences and extensive network, AHD is highly recognized in the community and social service sectors.

How is AHD related to Fei Yue?

AHD is a subsidiary of Fei Yue Community Services.

Who are our lecturers?

Our lecturers are professional counsellors, social workers, therapists, family life educators or university professors. They are qualified and experienced practitioners. Majority of our lecturers are registered with Council for Private Education (CPE).

What are the funding available for self-sponsored individual?

Refer to information here 


What are the funding available for company-sponsored individual?

 Refer to funding information here


1. All funding applications must be submitted via the organizations.

2. Organizations are bound by Funding Terms and Conditions stipulated by NCSS and SSG.

What is Industry-Wide Course Fee Protection Insurance Scheme?

The Industry-Wide Course Fee Protection Insurance Scheme is a requirement by Council for Private Education (CPE) to protect the interest of our students taking Diploma in Counselling Skills (Mandarin) and Diploma in Family Life Education (Mandarin) courses.  For more information about the insurance coverage, please click the following link to view the Master Insurance Agreement or read about the Insurance Policy.

What are the terms and conditions for our courses?

Applicable to All participants

1. Seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis and upon receipt of payment. 

2. Full payment of course fee will have to be made to AHD at least 10 working days prior to course commencement date or before the stipulated date to enjoy the early bird discounts, if applicable. 

3. AHD reserves the right to postpone or cancel the Course due to unforeseen circumstances or low enrolment. For cancellation of Course, fees paid will be fully refunded to participants.  For postponement of Course, fees paid will only be fully refunded to participants if participants decide to withdraw from the course.  

4. AHD reserves the right to change the venue, trainer(s) and dates, or revise the programme should circumstances so warrant.

5. Participants must meet the minimum 75% class attendance and any other course requirements as stipulated for each course in order to be awarded with the Certificate. 

6. AHD will not provide make-up lessons for absentees. 

7. AHD, the hosting organisation, if any, and their staff and agents will not be liable for any death, illness, disability, personal injury, mishap, damage or loss of property or any other loss arising in connection with this course.

8. AHD may take visual and/or audio recordings of participants during the course to publicise or publish in print, broadcast and electronic media, quotes, works or photographs derived from this Course. Prior approval with the participants will be sought should these happen. 

9. Postponement Fee - A postponement fee of $100 per time applies for postponement requests made less than 7 working days before course commencement date. 

10. Refund Policy - 100% of the fees paid will be refunded if participants’ written notice of withdrawal is received more than 7 working days before the course commencement date.

11. Withdrawal Penalty - A withdrawal penalty amounting to the full course fee is applicable if participants’ written notice of withdrawal is received less than 7 working days from course commencement date. 

12. Participants shall be bound by the Terms and Conditions of any applicable funding scheme as approved. If participant fails to meet any of the requirements set under the funding scheme and claim is rejected by the respective funding agency due to any reasons, the participant is liable to pay the balance of the course fee to AHD.