Academy of Human Development

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UEN No/CPE Reg No/ GST Reg No: 199900986N
(Reg. Period: 19 May 2020 to 20 May 2024)

Organizations can tap on the available subsidies or funding schemes to develop their staff to be more competent in their work and increase productivity. 


About SSG funding

  • Only for courses approved by SSG - refer to the funding details in the course page. 
  • AHD shall invoice organization the course fee less SSG approved funding to facilitate payment
  • Participant must be Singaporean or Singapore PR
  • Participant must fulfill 75% attendance as required by SSG and AHD.
  • For WSQ courses, participants must also fulfill 75% attendance and pass the assessment as required by SSG and AHD.


About NCSS- Professional Capability Grant (PCG) (previously known as VCF)

  • PCG funding is for eligible staff/volunteers from NCSS member agencies and MSF-funded agencies. 
  • Once confirmed acceptance into the course, organization to apply PCF Pre-approved through NCSS claim portal.
  • Submit NCSS approved claim letter to AHD
  • AHD shall invoice the organization the course fee less the PCG funding to facilitate payment
  • Participants must achieve minimum 75% attendance
  • For Courses without "PCG Pre-Approved", organization may also apply to NCSS for funding under Non Pre-Approved. However, for these courses, organizations are required to pay the full course fees to AHD and submit the necessary documents to claim from NCSS after the training.


Organizations are bound by Funding Terms and Conditions stipulated by SSG and NCSS.

Organisations are liable to pay AHD for any un-claimable funding amount under the following events:

  • The participant(s) fails to meet minimum class attendance & any other course requirements as stipulated for each course;
  • The participant(s) defers the Course;
  • The participant(s) resigns from the Company;
  • The participant(s) withdraws from the Course after the Course Commencement Date;
  • The Company withdraws the participant(s) from the Course after the Course Commencement Date.
  • (FOR NCSS-PCF funding only) If agency do not meet NCSS terms and conditions e.g total number of applicants from your agency exceed 50% of VCF training places and others