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Choice Theory Reality Therapy Basic Intensive Training


  • Engaging, interesting and encouraging. Used reputable examples. Wealth of work and life experiences.

  • Jim was engaging and highly authentic in his interactions with the participants. The training was enjoyable.

    Khoo Swee Giang, Psychologist (SCDF)
  • Jim was very knowledgable with the content and well-versed with the things to impart people useful knowledge.

  • Jim is an excellent trainer. He is authentic, knowledgeable and makes me reflect on my values. I don't agree with all that he shared but I can respect and acknowledge those opinions (personal values). Thank you for seeing the best in us and giving us room to grow from these 3 days. Appreciate the time, efforts and willingness to be transparent in sharing your own experiences. I can safely say that I will put these CTRT skills to use!

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This is a Basic Intensive Training in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. Participants may proceed on to take the Basic Practicum to deepen their understanding in this therapy.

Choice Theory attempts to explain the psychological behaviour of all human beings. It maintains that all we do from birth to death is behave, and that our behaviour is internally motivated and chosen. Specifically, all of our behaviour is our best attempt to satisfy one or more of five basic needs built into our genetic structure: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom and fun. In practice, the most important need is love and belonging, as closeness and connectedness with the people we care is a prerequisite for satisfying all of the needs.

Choice Theory is offered to replace external control psychology, the dominion psychology today. Unfortunately, this forcing, punishing psychology is destructive to relationships. When used in a relationship, it destroys the ability of one or both involved to find satisfaction in that relationship. This results in people becoming disconnected from those with whom they want to be connected.

Choice Theory contends that the only person’s behaviour we can control is our own. By using this theory, we help people learn that what they do is not determined by external causes, but instead by what goes on inside them. Since all that is taught by the institute (counselling, education and managing) is based upon this theory, teaching Choice Theory in great detail is an integral part of our programs.

Reality Therapy focuses on the present and helps people to understand that they can choose a better present and future. This is based on Choice Theory that states, regardless of what has occurred in the past, we must live and plan in the present if we want to be happy and effective. Because of this, it is an effective short-term therapy.

In practice, Reality Therapy advocates the creation of warm and trusting relationships with people. From these relationships, we are usually able to help them evaluate both what they want and the behaviours that they are presently choosing to satisfy their needs. 

Oftentimes, their wants lead them to engage in behaviours that do not get them what they want. We then assist them in creating a plan to either change what they want to something more achievable, and/or to choose behaviours that will better satisfy what they now want. 


  • Maintain healthy relationships by practicing the seven habits that bring people closer together.
  • Apply Choice Theory psychology in education, counseling, managing, parenting, and marriage.
  • Develop a more thorough understanding of mental health and happiness.


Part I

  • Establishing the environment conducive to learning and building relationships using lead management principles.

  • Understanding the concepts and skills used in role-play [Choice Theory/Reality Therapy/Lead Management/Quality Schools].

  • Dr. Glasser’s Choice Theory Chart [How and Why We Behave].

  • Developing and practicing skills through Role-Play.

Part II


  • Self evaluation
  • Co-verification


Counsellors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Therapists, Nurses, Helping Professionals, Managers, Educators and Parents.


Participants are expected to meet 100% class attendance to be awarded with the Basic Training Certificate by the William Glasser Institute (WGI). 


Fee  S$

Basic Intensive Training (Nett)


Company-Sponsored Applicant:

PCG (formerly VCF) pre-approved funding at 45% per pax for Singaporeans/PR Social Service Organisation Staff from NCSS member agencies and MSF-funded agencies (Ref No. PAS00002756, End date of approval: 21 Jul 2023)

up to $382.50


Fee  S$

 Basic Practicum (Nett)

(For participants who wish to deepen their skills in CT/RT Therapy) Practicum will take place over 6 months and consists of a minimum of 30 hours of which 15 hours must be face-to-face direct contact with Practicum Supervisor.


Company-Sponsored Applicant:
VCF pre-approved funding  TBC


Jim Lim is certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy and a Faculty Member of the William Glasser Institute (Singapore). Jim graduated from the University of Singapore in 2003 with BA (Hons, 2nd Upper) Social Sciences in Social Work.

Jim’s professional career in the social and counselling sectors include:

1. Social Worker with Family & Juvenile Courts of Singapore where he  worked with juvenile offenders, youth-at-risk, victims and perpetrators of family violence, divorcing couples and children affected by divorce.

2. Assistant Director with Beyond Social Services, Executive Director of Bukit Ho Swee Family Service Centre where he spearheaded a Child Protection Team that worked closely with the then MCYS Child Protection Services.

3. Head of Department (Counselling) with NorthLight School

4. Social Work Lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic where he developed the curriculum for the first Social Work Diploma in Asia.

Jim founded REAL Academy as the first Relationship Consultancy in Singapore. He has authored & published a book entitled “The Kite Story: Perspectives on Parenting & Mentoring” that was launched by NLB in Bishan Library on 9th March 2013. It has since became a bestseller and is now in its 2nd print.

Jim is also a guest speaker on News 93.8FM “Parenting Made Easy” with Susan Ng and Capital 95.8FM morning shows. Jim is a principal consultant in the documentary “Children In Crisis” currently aired on and sits on the SG 50 Jubilee Baby Gift Advisory Panel. He is also a member of both the Arts Consultative (10 years) and Films Consultative Panel (2 years) with MDA.

Jim is married to Joanne (a Principal Social Worker) and has three children, Ethan, Chloe and Brandon.


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Course Schedule

Duration 25 hours
Dates 21, 25 & 26 Oct 2022
Timing 9.00am - 6.00pm
Trainer(s) Mr Jim Lim
Venue(s) TBC