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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (Working with Youth)


  • Effective, constructive, achievable, definitely more knowledge and skills.

    Michela Dallá'rm - Counsellor
  • It is really useful, practical and I enjoyed the training. Has been an eye-opener about SFBT.

    Rashida Begum
  • Ground- breaking for me personally. Challenges my earlier approaches to therapy.

    Michael Yeo

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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is an approach in counselling, psychotherapy and social work that aims to help clients to generate solutions. Its ideas have also been used in clinical supervision, coaching, education and management. It is an approach that is client-centred, strength-based, goal-focused, contextual and usually brief.

Course Objectives

This 2-day workshop helps the participant to use Solution-Focused Brief Therapy when working with youth.

Course Content

  • How to ask youth about exceptions and strengths

  • Different uses of Scaling Question to effectively engage youth

  • Set goals with youth who do not think they need to change

  • Different ways of thinking about motivating youth

  • Different ways of using the Miracle Question and other future focused questions with youth

  • Have a Miracle conversation with a young person and his parents at the same time

  • When to work with others (eg. parents, school) rather than solely with youth

The sessions are conducted as follows: Seminar presentation/discussion, group exercises and video tape examples.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for practitioners in the social service field who are working with individuals, families, groups and/or communities. It will be relevant to those working with children, youth and/or adults. It is appropriate for social workers, welfare workers, counsellors, therapists, psychologists, teachers and anyone else who are interested in helping people.


Participants who meet 80% class attendance will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment by the Academy of Human Development.

Course Fees

Fees S$
Nett Course Fee payable by Participant $750


Chan Earng Han holds a Masters of Social Science (Counselling) from Edith Cowan University (Australia) and Master in Counseling from Sioux Falls Seminary (United States of America). He is a well sought after Trainer / Counsellor. His passion lies in youth counselling and youth development work, which led him to do his postgraduate training in Youth Work.

He currently specialises in counselling young people who commit petty crimes, struggling with substance abused and interpersonal issues.

Earng Han is also trained as a Certified Instructor for the W.A.I.T. (USA), a relationship package that teaches abstinence from pre-marital sex for youths. He is also a part-time lecturer for Diploma in Counselling Skills (Mandarin) offered by the Academy of Human Development Pte. Ltd. He has been a Counselor with Fei Yue Family Service Center / Community Services since 2001.

Application and Enquiries

Dave Goh

6593 5284

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Course Schedule

Duration 14 Hours
Dates No scheduled run at the moment
Trainer(s) Chan Earng Han
Venue(s) To be advised