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Working with Children with Special Needs, Their Families and Teachers


Children with special needs are primarily still children. However, there are considerable pressures on the adults in these children’s lives. Some of these pressures include Adapting parenting and teaching methods and styles to align with how children with special needs learn.

Managing family life, classroom time, and after school-care in ways that encourage integration, while also providing for their unique developmental needs.

This course is designed to bring a fresh perspective to how parent-ing and teaching children with special needs can be done in ways that are informed by research and good practice from the world of special needs, while remaining child-friendly, pragmatic, and alive to the stresses and strains of everyday life.


  • Explore a framework for thinking about children’s special needs and the demands that these needs bring to parenting and teaching.
  • Practise skills in designing daily routines for classrooms and families, that take care of the needs of all involved - the child with special needs, and the adults providing support and learning for these children.
  • Gathered and tested ideas and activities to add to their toolkits for working well with children with special needs and their parents and teachers. This will include how to tackle common problems and situations that arise in participants’ working with children with special needs.
  • Be aware of how to conduct constructive, time-sensitive meetings with multiple stake holders


  • The world of children with special needs – what are the demands on parents and teachers?
  • Using principles from developmental theory, learning theory, strengths-based practice, and solution-focused brief therapy to design a framework for working well with children with special needs, their parents and their teachers.
  • Creating home and school environments and daily routines which are conducive to children with special needs, and pragmatically manageable for parents and teachers. Programmes such as Ben Furman’s KidsSkills, and John Sharry’s Parents Plus will be demonstrated.
  • Commonly occurring problems and challenges arising when working with children with special needs. Some general topics will be focused on as well as topics gathered from participants. Examples: discipline and behaviour training with children with special needs; ensuring sufficient support for adults working with and caring for children with special needs, conducting constructive conversations amongst multiple parties who may hold opposing views.


It is appropriate for social workers, welfare workers, counsellors, therapists, psychologists, teachers and anyone else who are interested in helping children


Participants who meet 80% class attendance will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment by the Academy of Human Development.


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VCF Funding Subsidy (Pre-approved at 60% of course fee)*

Funding period: 07 Aug 2017 - 19 Jul 2018 (PAS00001217)



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is only applicable to staff and volunteers of NCSS members / MFS-Funded Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs). 


Dr Svea Van Der Hoorn is a psychologist. She has been engaged as a consultant, trainer, coach and supervisor delivering services using the Solution-Focused Brief Approach (SFBA) that she has developed to participants from the education, welfare, health, NGO, community-based, and corporate sectors. She is an experienced clinical supervisor for individuals and groups, and also is an International Coach Federation credential - Professional Certified Coach (ICF-PCC) and under ICF mentor coach register.


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Course Schedule

Duration 14 Hours
Dates TBA
Trainer(s) Dr Svea Van Der Hoorn
Venue(s) Academy of Human Development