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Pre-Death Grief and Loss Series - Meaning Reconstruction for Families Facing An Impending Loss


In the course of counselling, you may come across clients who foresee their impending loss of someone significant in their lives through different terminal illnesses and other life-threatening circumstances (e.g. comatose state resulted from a severe accident or a fast-progressing critical medical condition). This training will introduce meaning-oriented perspectives of anticipatory grief and separation anxiety as experienced by the family members and the surrounding others of those who are given poor prognosis and are critically ill. It will also equip you with meaning reconstructive intervention tools to support the affected family members and friends in the face of their looming separation from their dying loved one.


This course will help participants:

  • To examine the threat of separation and its implications from a tripartite meaning reconstruction framework
  • To address family’s distress resulting from caregiving burdens and communication issues
  • To implement meaning-oriented techniques to facilitate family’s preparation and coping with the impending loss and separation


  • Essential features of separation anxiety and anticipatory grief
  • Communication issues (e.g. transparency, secrecy and taboos) and relational dynamics in families
  • Pre-loss risk assessment for complications in post-loss adjustments
  • Application of meaning reconstructive interventions to process the pre-loss turmoil and the post-loss reconstruction of self


Counsellors, healthcare workers, social workers, psychologists, community/outreach workers, befrienders/volunteers, school personnel, chaplaincy/pastoral staff, helping professionals, and people who are keen in rendering grief support.


Modular Certificate of Completion awarded by the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition (PI), Portland, OR, United States, and earn Credits for 2 Orientation Modules and 3 Techniques Modules toward Certification in Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction or Certification in Family-Focused Grief Therapy.


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Course Schedule

Duration 14 Hours
Dates 6 & 7 Nov 2023
Timing 9.00am - 5.00pm
Trainer(s) Dr Carolyn Ng
Venue(s) Online via Zoom